Javascript – JQuery, bind same function to 3 different textboxs’ keyup event


I have 3 textboxes, and on the keyup event for all 3, I want to call the same function?

In the below code, I am tring to bind keyup event to CalculateTotalOnKeyUpEvent function to a textbox named compensation, but it doesn't work:

$("#compensation").bind("keyup", CalculateTotalOnKeyUpEvent(keyupEvent));

function CalculateTotalOnKeyUpEvent(keyupEvent) {
  var keyCode = keyupEvent.keyCode;
  if (KeyStrokeAllowdToCalculateRefund(keyCode)) {

Best Solution

You need do like this:

// Edit according to request in the comment: 
// in order to select more than one element,
// you need to specify comma separated ids.
// Also, maybe you need to consider to use a CSS class for the selected elements,
// then it could be just $(".className")
$("#element1, #element2, ....").bind("keyup", CalculateTotalOnKeyUpEvent);

You need to pass the function as a parameter, you do not need to pass the function as it was declared.