Javascript – jQuery get the input value in an .each loop


I am trying to get the input value in an each loop of a checkbox, i cant figure out how to get this to work, the value keeps outputting as the first checkbox value.

$('.custemb, input[name=cb], input[class=multadd]').live("click", function() {

    $('input[class=multadd]:checked').each(function(index) {
        val = index + 2;
        valu = $('input[class=multadd]:checked').val();
        multiz = multiz + '&aid' + val + '=' + valu;

the problem is the output of the variable valu is the first checkbox of the overall each loop, not the current checkbox of the loop, i need the current value.

Any ideas?

Best Solution

You can use this to access the current element in the loop:

valu = $(this).val();

The current element is also sent as a parameter to the callback function, so you can pick it up:

.each(function(index, elem) {

Then use the parameter:

valu = $(elem).val();