Javascript – jquery masonry images are overlapping until a page resize is done


I've found this template that demonstrates the issue I'm having with jquery masonry and image layout. Take a look at this twitter bootstrap template page:

The very first time the page is loaded all the images are stacked on each other until a page refresh or re-size is done. The images are then displayed correctly.

Here is my HTML and jQuery that has the same problem:


<div class="gallery-masonry masonry" style="position: relative; min-height:100px; height: auto;">
  <div id="loading">Loading ...</div>                            


$.post("functions/photo_functions.php", { f: 'getallphotos'}, function(data) {


    if(data) {  
      $.each(data.images, function(i, image) {
        var img_block = '<div class="item masonry-brick" style="position: absolute; top: 0px; left: 0px;">' +
        '<a href="#" class="thumbnail"><img src="'+image.url+'" alt=""></a>' +
        '<div class="actions">' +
        '<a title="" href="#" class="tip-top" data-original-title="Edit"><i class="icon-pencil icon-white"></i></a>' +
        '<a title="" href="#" class="tip-top" data-original-title="Remove"><i class="icon-remove icon-white"></i></a>' +
        '</div>' +


          itemSelector: '.item',
          isAnimated: true,
          isFitWidth: true

    }, "json");

Any idea why this is happening and how might I fix it?

Best Solution

Use imagesLoaded() to triggered masonry after all images are loaded. (imagesLoaded() is provided by the script

$('.gallery-masonry').imagesLoaded( function(){
   itemSelector: '.item',
   isAnimated: true,
   isFitWidth: true
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