Javascript – Jquery open url in new tab


I'm making a personal script to search google in another language and I've got a url that I've passed from a php script. I want to use jquery to open that url in a new tab (only in google chrome).

I tried:"http://localhost/123", '_blank');

It unfortunately Opens in a new window in google chrome, which is unfortunately the only browser that's light enough to use on my computer. I don't seem to have any success googling it so any advice would be much appreciated.


Sorry if your not meant to edit like this but my new question is (I should probably ask it somewhere else):

How to edit google chromes config to open a new tab instead of a window when"href", "_blank") is called?

Best Solution

You can't directly control this, because it can be configured by the user. You might try "_newtab" which might work for Firefox but really you shouldn't rely on a new tab being opened. The user may have their browser settings set to open a new tab when a popup window is opened or it may show up as a popup. It just all depends on the browser settings.