Javascript – mongoose vs mongodb (nodejs modules/extensions), which better? and why


I've just arrived to Node.js and see that there are many libs to use with the MongoDB, the most popular seem to be these two: (mongoose and mongodb). Can I get pros and cons of those extensions? Are there better alternatives to these two?

Edit: Found a new library that seems also interesting node-mongolian and is "Mongolian DeadBeef is an awesome Mongo DB node.js driver that attempts to closely approximate the mongodb shell." (

This is just to add more resources to new people that view this, so basically Mongolian its like an ODM…

Best Solution

Mongoose is higher level and uses the MongoDB driver (it's a dependency, check the package.json), so you'll be using that either way given those options. The question you should be asking yourself is, "Do I want to use the raw driver, or do I need an object-document modeling tool?" If you're looking for an object modeling (ODM, a counterpart to ORMs from the SQL world) tool to skip some lower level work, you want Mongoose.

If you want a driver, because you intend to break a lot of rules that an ODM might enforce, go with MongoDB. If you want a fast driver, and can live with some missing features, give Mongolian DeadBeef a try: