Javascript – Open Highcharts in modal window


I'm working on a site where I use Highcharts quite heavily for presenting data in charts. I want to user to be able to "zoom" each chart into a modal window for better readability.

I know how to manipulate the chart with its API, but I'm not quite sure how I can clone the chart and refer to the new chart with an variable?

I've done alot of searching, and all I've found is how to open in modal window with Highcharts own modal library, but I'm using a modal library called Lightview.

Best Solution

I have got this working using jQuery modal panel.

On click of original chart I am calling a javascript function popupGraph which will create a new highchart by merging the options of the existing highchart. On close event of modalPanel I am destroying the highchart that we have created for popup.

Hope this helps..

Code for actual chart that I show in small size.

trackingChart = new Highcharts.Chart({
    chart: {
        renderTo: 'container',
        type: 'column',
        events: {
            load: loadChart,
            click: function() {

    xAxis: {
        categories: []
    yAxis: {
        min: 0,

    legend: {
        layout: 'horizontal',
        backgroundColor: '#FFFFFF',
        align: 'center',
        verticalAlign: 'bottom',
        x: 10,
        y: 0,
        floating: false,
        shadow: true
    tooltip: {
        formatter: function() {
            return ''+
                this.x +': '+ this.y +' points';
    plotOptions: {
        column: {
            pointPadding: 0,
            borderWidth: 0
    exporting: {
        enabled: false
    series: [{
        data: []

        }, {
            data: []

Code for function opening modal panel

      function dummy() {}

       function popUpGraph(existingChart) {
       var options = existingChart.options;
       var popupChart = new Highcharts.Chart(Highcharts.merge(options, {
            chart: {
                renderTo: 'popup_chart',
                        zoomType: 'x',
                events: {
            load: dummy,
            click: dummy

$( "#dialog").dialog({
        autoOpen: false,
        height: 350,
        width: 750,
        modal: true,
        close: function(event, ui) { popupChart.destroy(); }