Javascript – RegEx for Javascript to allow only alphanumeric


I need to find a reg ex that only allows alphanumeric. So far, everyone I try only works if the string is alphanumeric, meaning contains both a letter and a number. I just want one what would allow either and not require both.

Best Solution


^         Start of string
[a-z0-9]  a or b or c or ... z or 0 or 1 or ... 9
+         one or more times (change to * to allow empty string)
$         end of string    
/i        case-insensitive

Update (supporting universal characters)

if you need to this regexp supports universal character you can find list of unicode characters here.

for example: /^([a-zA-Z0-9\u0600-\u06FF\u0660-\u0669\u06F0-\u06F9 _.-]+)$/

this will support persian.