Javascript – Regular Expression to get a string between parentheses in Javascript


I am trying to write a regular expression which returns a string which is between parentheses. For example: I want to get the string which resides between the strings "(" and ")"

I expect five hundred dollars ($500).

would return


Found Regular Expression to get a string between two strings in Javascript

But I'm new with regex. I don't know how to use '(', ')' in regexp

Best Solution

You need to create a set of escaped (with \) parentheses (that match the parentheses) and a group of regular parentheses that create your capturing group:

var regExp = /\(([^)]+)\)/;
var matches = regExp.exec("I expect five hundred dollars ($500).");

//matches[1] contains the value between the parentheses


  • \( : match an opening parentheses
  • ( : begin capturing group
  • [^)]+: match one or more non ) characters
  • ) : end capturing group
  • \) : match closing parentheses

Here is a visual explanation on RegExplained