Javascript – Styling TripAdvisor widget


I've been asked to attach a travel advisor widget to an existing project. The problem is I can't find a way of styling it. Searching Google has proved negative and I've tried various ways to change the style myself but each time I'm getting nowhere.

It would seem (by using Developer tools) that the script is adding other div tags within the below code when it's called and it's these newly added div which I need to style.

Any ideas?

<div id="TA_linkingWidgetWAR281" class="TA_linkingWidgetWAR">
  <ul id="7vEu3EbbE54" class="TA_links I3eKq4As">
    <li id="P1W6bWTQjEmY" class="M0QRzat">
      Write a review of <a target="_blank" href="">Peking Chinese Takeaway</a>

<script src=";uniq=281&amp;locationId=2315832&amp;lang=en_UK&amp;border=true">   </script>

Best Solution

This was easy right?

All you have to do is use your browser inspector and check the current apply styles and edit at your own will...

enter image description here

as an example:

all I had to do was:

    margin: 30px  !important;
    padding: 14px 16px 12px !important;
    background-color: #bada55 !important;
ul li img {
    display: none;

But, be careful, you are breaking the widget agreement.

2.1 You may not directly or indirectly change, edit, add to, copy or extract content from or produce summaries of the TripAdvisor Widgets or any content on the TripAdvisor website. In particular, you will not display any TripAdvisor ratings or reviews on your website outside of the TripAdvisor Widgets.