Javascript – the PastryKit Framework


I'm trying to find any information I can on the PastryKit Javascript Framework. It appears to be in use on the iPhone User Guide that is displayed on the iPhone itself in Mobile Safari, but I cannot find any documentation or API. If you want to see it in action, open Safari 4, set your user agent to iPhone 3 (In the Develop menu) and check out the guide.

Overall, it seems to be a way to write an HTML/CSS/Javascript application that acts like a native iPhone app.

When it comes to Javascript, I used the JS Beautifier on (what I assume to be) the framework file and it was over 3,400 lines! Beautified, (again what I assume to be) their implementation of it was over 1,200 lines.

On the CSS side, I used Clean CSS on (again what I assume to be) the framework CSS, and it came out to over 700 lines. Their implementation was shy of 500.

Does anybody have, or know where to find, any information, documentation, or APIs on PastryKit? Or, can anybody figure out how to implement it?

Best Solution

John Gruber recently posted a link with some more information from his research over at Daring Fireball: pastrykit

EDIT: David Calhoun added a lot more in-depth information over at this blog: pastrykit digging into an apple pie