Javascript to sort contents of select element


is there a quick way to sort the items of a select element?
Or I have to resort to writing javascript?

Please any ideas.

<select size="4" name="lstALL" multiple="multiple" id="lstALL" tabindex="12" style="font-size:XX-Small;height:95%;width:100%;">
<option value="0"> XXX</option>
<option value="1203">ABC</option>
<option value="1013">MMM</option>

Best Solution

This will do the trick. Just pass it your select element a la: document.getElementById('lstALL') when you need your list sorted.

function sortSelect(selElem) {
    var tmpAry = new Array();
    for (var i=0;i<selElem.options.length;i++) {
        tmpAry[i] = new Array();
        tmpAry[i][0] = selElem.options[i].text;
        tmpAry[i][1] = selElem.options[i].value;
    while (selElem.options.length > 0) {
        selElem.options[0] = null;
    for (var i=0;i<tmpAry.length;i++) {
        var op = new Option(tmpAry[i][0], tmpAry[i][1]);
        selElem.options[i] = op;