Javascript – Twitter Bootstrap Carousel – access current index


How do I get the current index from the carousel?

In this case I am using an unordered list. I know I could search through the list items to find the one with the 'active' CSS class, but I want to know if I can ask the carousel object directly.

Additional: being able to access the target index (on 'slide' event) would be handy also. Again, I can do this by searching with:

var idx = $('.carousel-inner').index();

…and then adding/subtracting based on direction, but I am hoping for something cleaner.

Best Solution

Instead of adding and subtracting from the current slide, try this on the 'slide' event:

    var slideFrom = $(this).find('.active').index();
    var slideTo = $(e.relatedTarget).index();
    console.log(slideFrom+' => '+slideTo);