Javascript “unspecified error” in Open Layers


I am getting this error alt text when the map loads.

The error is in the original, unmodified OpenLayers.js file on this line:


I have tried rewriting it to:

return (typeof(document.namespaces) != 'undefined');

and it worked but then I get same "unspecified" errors on further referrals to document.namespaces:

if(!document.namespaces.olv){document.namespaces.add("olv",this.xmlns); ...

I tried rewriting this to:

if(typeof(document.namespaces.olv) == 'undefined') { ...

but I get the same "unspecified error".

I only get this error on Internet Explorer (I tested on 7) and not in Firefox.

Any clues?


Best Solution

The real problem is that document.namespaces is not ready in IE8 sometimes when triggering $(document).ready (because of VML)

You can use instead :

jQuery(window).load(function() {} ...);