Javascript – What JavaScript Repository should I use?


Many languages have standard repositories where people donate useful libraries that they want others to have access to. For instance Perl has CPAN, PHP has PEAR, Ruby has RubyGems, and so on. What is the best option for JavaScript?

I ask because a few months ago I ported Statistics::Distributions from Perl to JavaScript. (When I say ported I mean, "Ran text substitutions, fixed a few things by hand." I did not rewrite it.) Since I've used this module a number of times in Perl, I figure that statistics-distributions.js is likely to be useful to someone. So I've put it under the same open source license as the original (your choice of the GPL or the Artistic License). But I have no idea where to put it so that people who might want it are likely to find it.

It doesn't fit into any sort of framework. It is just a standalone library that gives you the ability to calculate a number of useful statistics distributions to 5 digits of accuracy. In JavaScript.

Best Solution

AFAIK, there is no central JavaScript repository, but you might have success promoting it on Snipplr or as a project on Google Code.