Javascript – Why is the page loading slow


I am working on a website. There are a lot of javascript plug-ins that site uses including the bookmark button(addthis), Google adsense, Admanager tags, Social Bookmarking buttons and so on.

The page loads slow and even though I have been using tools like FireBug, I haven't been able to make out why does my page load so slow.

Is there a way to find out which javascript is causing the page to load slow? Or find out the culprit and take it out?

Please be kind to me as I am just getting started with this stuff.

Best Solution

Using the Net tab of Firebug should show you which requests are taking the longest to load. See this page for a more detailed guide to using this information.

You could also use the YSlow addon for Firebug to identify other ways you could improve the loading time of your page.