Jquery – Catch paste input


I'm looking for a way to sanitize input that I paste into the browser, is this possible to do with jQuery?

I've managed to come up with this so far:

$(this).live(pasteEventName, function(e) {
 // this is where i would like to sanitize my input
 return false;

Unfortunately my development has come to a screeching hold because of this "minor" issue.
I would really make me a happy camper if someone could point me to the right direction.

Best Solution

OK, just bumped into the same issue.. I went around the long way

$('input').on('paste', function () {
  var element = this;
  setTimeout(function () {
    var text = $(element).val();
    // do something with text
  }, 100);

Just a small timeout till .val() func can get populated.