Jquery – Get selected element’s outer HTML


I'm trying to get the HTML of a selected object with jQuery. I am aware of the .html() function; the issue is that I need the HTML including the selected object (a table row in this case, where .html() only returns the cells inside the row).

I've searched around and found a few very ‘hackish’ type methods of cloning an object, adding it to a newly created div, etc, etc, but this seems really dirty. Is there any better way, or does the new version of jQuery (1.4.2) offer any kind of outerHtml functionality?

Best Solution

I believe that currently (5/1/2012), all major browsers support the outerHTML function. It seems to me that this snippet is sufficient. I personally would choose to memorize this:

// Gives you the DOM element without the outside wrapper you want

// Gives you the outside wrapper as well only for the first element

// Gives you the outer HTML for all the selected elements
var html = '';
$('.classSelector').each(function () {
    html += this.outerHTML;

//Or if you need a one liner for the previous code
$('.classSelector').get().map(function(v){return v.outerHTML}).join('');

EDIT: Basic support stats for element.outerHTML

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