Jquery – How to use the resizable() function of jQuery Ui, to just resize the HEIGHT of the div


That's all I need folks, I have 2 divs(a,b) inside another DIV(c).
So, the C div is resizable, and when I resize it, the A and B divs are also resized by the option alsoResize. Works pretty fine, but now I need to make the height between the two inside divs (a,b) resizable. For now theirs heights are 50%-%50%, so I want to be abble to resize just the Height.

Thank you all!

Best Solution

If you set the constraint options on the inner div elements to div C, they should be limited in width by the boundary of C. From here, you'll also want to set the minWidth option to be that same width (of C).

Check out this page to learn about constraining the inner divs.

In order to set the minWidth option on the inner divs, you may need to bind to an event (when the user stops resizing div C) and inside that event, re-set the minWidth