Jquery IDs with spaces


Does anyone know how to select an item in the DOM by ID with jQuery, when that ID has a space?

For example, the ID of my item would be

<div id="content Module">Stuff</div>

How would I select this with jQuery?

If I just do

$("#content Module").whatever() 

jQuery will try to find an item with both the ID of content and the ID of Module, which is not what I am looking for.

I should add that I am working with an old code base where these two word ids are used extensively, so going through and changing all the IDs would be bad.

Best Solution

Use an attribute selector.

$("[id='content Module']").whatever();

Or, better, specify the tag as well:

$("div[id='content Module']").whatever();

Note that unlike $('#id'), this will return multiple elements if you have multiple elements with the same id within your page.