JQuery IE jerky slide animation


I have the following code to animate the showing/hiding of a div.

$(".headerClosed, .headerOpen").live("click", function(){

This shows and hides a div with the following markup:

<div class="details">

The problem is in IE(surprise, surprise!) when the div slides down the animation is smooth until the end when it jerks. I know this is due to the padding/margin settings of the div.

If I use a <div> instead of <p> then the animation is smooth, but as soon as I add any padding or margin to the <div> then the animation jerks. How can you slide down a nice looking div with spacing if the padding and margin settings make it jerk?

Best Solution

Your margins are likely collapsing. When you apply a float, overflow: auto or overflow: hidden to the slided element, that should no longer occur.

jQuery sets overflow: hidden during the animation, so the margins don't collapse. When the animation is done, this property is removed. The margins of the <p> collapse again, hence you get a little jerky jump at the end.