JQuery Mobile UI Editor – Codiqa Alternative


Is there a FREE and or OPEN SOURCE UI Editor similar to the Codiqa editor found on the JQuery Mobile home page?


Best Solution

There is a free one available here


It only works in Chrome but that should not be a problem. You can download the source and host it locally on your personal web server. Then you can make whatever changes you want since you have the source.

You can also open Chrome with

--enable-file-cookies --allow-file-access-from-files

and then CTRL+O to open the index.hrml locally without using a web server.

You can even install it as a Chrome app extension.

You just need to give it permission to store files locally as it stores your projects locally.

Try it and see. It actually works, though the native source uses JQM 1.0 but that can easily be changed to use v1.3 - the latest release.