Jquery – Printing contents of a dynamically created iframe from parent window


I have a page with a list of links and a div which serves as a placeholder for the pages the links lead to. Everytime user clicks on a link an iframe is created in the div and its src attribute gets the value of the link href attribute – simple and clear, sort of external web pages gallery.
What i do have a problem with is printing the contents of the iframe. To do this i use this code:

function PrintIframe()  

The issue seems to be that iframe is created dynamically by JQuery – when I insert an iframe right into the html code, the browser prints the external page all right. But with the same code injected by JavaScript nothing happens. I tried to use JQ 1.3 'live' event on "Print" link, no success. Is there a way to overcome this?

Best Solution

Suppose that this is what your iframe looks like:

<iframe id='print-iframe' name='print-frame-name'></iframe>

This is how you do it using jQuery:


and this is how you do it using native JavaScript: