Jquery – Trouble with jQuery Dialog and Datepicker plugins


I have a dialog, and I have a datepicker field on the dialog.

When I open the dialog and click in the datepicker field, the datepicker panel show behind dialog.

I try more properties: zindex, stack, bgiframe, but not success.

Someone can help me?


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z-index (note the hyphen!) is the property that matters. Make sure you set it greater than the dialogue, and make sure you set it on the correct element. Here's how we do it:

 z-index: 1000; /* must be > than popup editor (950) */

API Change - April 17, 2010

In the CSS file for the date picker, find the .ui-datepicker item and change it:

.ui-datepicker { width: 17em; padding: .2em .2em 0; z-index: 9999 !important; }

Using z-index: 9999 !important; worked in Firefox 3.5.9 (Kubuntu).

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