Jquery with JSON Array – convert to Javascript Array


I've the following XML output from an asp.net webservice:

        <string>Teleszkóp 350mm gázas</string>
        <string>Teleszkóp 150mm olaj</string>
        <string>Teleszkóp 260mm olaj sárga</string>
        <string>Teleszkóp 260mm első</string>

I'm using JQuery's $Ajax to get it from the server, it works fine.
It's converted to a JSON object, but how can I convert it back to a Javascript Array?

update: the problem is, if it's parsed with eval(), this Array-in-Array becomes one string only!

Best Solution

That's not a JSON object: it's xml. JSON essentially is javascript, and would look more like this:

[["1710", "1711", "1712","1713"], ["Teleszkóp 350mm gázas", "Teleszkóp 150mm olaj", "Teleszkóp 260mm olaj sárga", "Teleszkóp 260mm első"]]