Jquery – Yellow fade effect with JQuery


I would like to implement something similar to 37Signals's Yellow Fade effect.

I am using Jquery 1.3.2

The code

(function($) {
   $.fn.yellowFade = function() {
    return (this.css({backgroundColor: "#ffffcc"}).animate(
                backgroundColor: "#ffffff"
            }, 1500));

and the next call show yellow fade the DOM elment with box id.


But it only makes it yellow. No white background after 15000 milliseconds.

Any idea why it is not working?


You can use:

$("#box").effect("highlight", {}, 1500);

But you would need to include:


Best Solution

This function is part of jQuery effects.core.js :

$("#box").effect("highlight", {}, 1500);

As Steerpike pointed out in the comments, effects.core.js and effects.highlight.js need to be included in order to use this.