Jsp – Include another JSP file


I am currently trying to learn JSP. My question is, at present I used to include the header and footer of the page using:

<%@include file="includes/header.jsp" %>


<%@include file="includes/footer.jsp" %>

But now, I have separated the page content also. So, if user clicks on a page, say products, it has to load the JSP file which is situated in: includes/pages/products.jsp
So, the link to the user is like: <a href="index.jsp?p=products">Products</a>.

So, I have to get the p value and display the page based on it.

Following is what I have done so far.

   String p = request.getParameter("p");

<%@include file="includes/page_name.jsp" %>


So, how do I place the value of variable "p" in position of "page_name" ?

Or, is there any other method that I could use ?

In PHP, we could use the include() or include_once(). I am bit stuck in this JSP. 🙁

Best Solution

What you're doing is a static include. A static include is resolved at compile time, and may thus not use a parameter value, which is only known at execution time.

What you need is a dynamic include:

<jsp:include page="..." />

Note that you should use the JSP EL rather than scriptlets. It also seems that you're implementing a central controller with index.jsp. You should use a servlet to do that instead, and dispatch to the appropriate JSP from this servlet. Or better, use an existing MVC framework like Stripes or Spring MVC.

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