Kinect v2 on Windows 7


So I finally got my two Kinect v2's in the mail, and was looking forward to get some raw data from them and see how much they interfere with each other. I went to go download the SDK, and for some reason I had never noticed the Windows 8 requirements… As in Windows 7 isn't supported.

This feels pretty bogus and unnecessary, but fine I can't do anything about that. Before I waste some money to upgrade my machine to an OS that I really don't want, is there any way to get the Kinect v2s to talk to a Windows 7 machine (or maybe even Ubuntu)? I don't need any of the fancy skeletal detection or anything; I just want raw xyz-rgb data. I was reading about OpenNI (and their new Apple overlords), and I was hoping that by some miracle their last open source distributions would be forwards compatible with the Kinect v2s?

TL;DR: Are there any free SDKs that can interface with a Kinect v2 on Windows 7-64bit?

Best Solution

look at libfreenect2

It looks like its not ready yet but there are people working on it. So you might want help them along.

Update 2014-10-28

The Project is live and kicking and works fine

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