LaTeX: Large figure floats to the end of the chapter


I have a LaTeX-document using the class


and I changed some parameters for positioning the floats:

\renewcommand{\topfraction}{1} %default: 0.7
\renewcommand{\bottomfraction}{1} %default: 0.3
\renewcommand{\textfraction}{0.1} %default: 0.2
\renewcommand{\floatpagefraction}{1} %default: 0.6

I have two graphics that should be among each other and fill one single page. I don't know why, but because LaTeX always splits both graphics on two pages, I put both graphics into one figure-environment. It doesn't matter whether I use [ht] or [p] the figure with both graphics moves to the end of the chapter. I don't get any overfull warnings. So I think it might not the reason that the figure is too large.

\newcaption{caption 1} % <-- using \usepackage{picins}


\newcaption{caption 2}

Is there someone, who can explain that behaviour of LaTeX and can recommend a solution.

Best Solution

This is standard behaviour in latex because it takes care of all positioning. I personally wouldn't mess this up and would instead refer to the images.

If you nevertheless want to position them at the given line in the text:

Use the package float and place your images this way.


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