Linux – Changing the resolution of a VNC session in linux


I use VNC to connect to a Linux workstation at work. At work I have a 20" monitor that runs at 1600×1200, while at home I use my laptop with its resolution of 1440×900.
If I set the vncserver to run at 1440×900 I miss out on a lot of space on my monitor, whereas if I set it to run at 1600×1200 it doesn't fit on the laptop's screen, and I have to scroll it all the time.

Is there any good way to resize a VNC session on the fly?

My VNC server is RealVNC E4.x (I don't remember the exact version) running on SuSE64.

Best Solution

Real VNC server 4.4 includes support for Xrandr, which allows resizing the VNC. Start the server with:

vncserver -geometry 1600x1200 -randr 1600x1200,1440x900,1024x768

Then resize with:

xrandr -s 1600x1200
xrandr -s 1440x900
xrandr -s 1024x768