Linux – How to find the processor queue length in linux


Trying to determine the Processor Queue Length (the number of processes that ready to run but currently aren't) on a linux machine. There is a WMI call in Windows for this metric, but not knowing much about linux I'm trying to mine /proc and 'top' for the information. Is there a way to determine the queue length for the cpu?

Edit to add: Microsoft's words concerning their metric: "The collection of one or more threads that is ready but not able to run on the processor due to another active thread that is currently running is called the processor queue."

Best Solution

sar -q will report queue length, task list length and three load averages.


matli@tornado:~$ sar -q 1 0
Linux 2.6.27-9-generic (tornado)    01/13/2009  _i686_

11:38:32 PM   runq-sz  plist-sz   ldavg-1   ldavg-5  ldavg-15
11:38:33 PM         0       305      1.26      0.95      0.54
11:38:34 PM         4       305      1.26      0.95      0.54
11:38:35 PM         1       306      1.26      0.95      0.54
11:38:36 PM         1       306      1.26      0.95      0.54