Linux – how to use an MS-Access file from Linux


I'm studying an introductory course in databases and one of the exercises is to work with MS-Access. However I'm using Linux at home and although I can use the computer classes at the university it is far from convenient (limited open time – my studying time is mostly nights).

So how can I use an Access file (*.mdb) in Linux? By use I mean changing tables, writing queries and so on.

Are there tools to convert it to another database format (mysql, postgresql or even gadfly)?

Also what problems may I encounter?

Best Solution

Although a bit dated, I've had good success with mdbtools which is a set of command line tools for accessing and converting Access databases to other formats. I've used it for importing databases into PostgreSQL.

If you're running an Ubuntu variant you can install it with:

sudo apt-get install mdbtools

or you can download it from here.