Linux – PhpStorm update on Ubuntu/Mint


I am running PhpStorm on Linux Mint installed in /opt. PhpStorm is notifying me that there is an update available (8.0.3), but then it tells me it doesn't have write permission to apply the update, and that I should run it as a privileged user to update it.

If I run as root/sudo it asks for license info and looks as though it's running the installer rather than the program. PhpStorm is licensed when I run it from the desktop.

So how can I run updates?

Best Solution

I had the same issue and was able to change ownership of the PhpStorm folder to get it to work. Assuming your username is newownername and PhpStorm installation is located in /opt/phpstorm, the command should look like this:

chown -R newownername /opt/phpstorm

Note that you should change username and path to appropriate values.