Making high-quality eps figures using gnuplot for inclusion in latex


I make plots using gnuplot by

set term postscript eps color blacktext "Helvetica" 24
set output "filename.eps"

However, when I include the eps file in latex file, the quality of eps is not satisfactory.

I have also searched google a lot and saw some sites such as, however, my figures are more complicated that theirs and hence their commands don't help me fully. I also checked GNUPLOT: Trying to increase the quality but my figures are eps, not pdf.

Can someone tell, how to improve the quality of figures.

Best Solution

you can try to increase the output resolution, for example:

set term postscript eps size 1024, 720 color blacktext "Helvetica" 24

Then use maximum figure width in latex

includegraphics[width = \paperwidth]{yourfigurefilepath}
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