MathML, Latex or similar for web-based WYSIWYG editor


I am looking for a web-based WYSIWYG (or WYSIWYM) editor like TinyMCE or WMD Editor (used to write this question) that supports users to write mathematical formulas. I have looked at LaTeX a little bit but it has a learning curve and I am not sure if support for MathML is extensive. Ideally I would also like to avoid having to rewrite an editor and would rather just pick one off the shelf.

Would like to know if any of you have dealt with a similar situation and what solution you adopted/built.

Best Solution

I was looking for something similar and came across this question. Then I was excited to find Mathquill, via the Wikipedia page on formula editors.

I've used a bunch of different formula editors, from MS Equation Editor to Google Docs' to LyX, and this is probably the most usable/fluid of all of them for simply banging out formulas. And it's web-based and GPL. This thing is much nicer than Google Docs' formula editor, at least.

Still leaves plenty of things to be desired, e.g. so far I've found: bolding, entering things like bra-kets, \hat, undo/redo history, mouse drag selection, etc. But I'm impressed by what's already in there. Anyway, it's just a few Javascript files, and on github.

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