Matlab: Delete box on annotation textbox, or creating a multiple line annotation text without box


I am writing the equation of a plane in an annotation of my 3D plot. I do not need a box, but since the only option that I have found has a box, is it possible to delete it?

str = {'z=a+bx+cy','a=0.2','b=1.2','c=0.3'};
annH = annotation('textbox',[0.8 0.9 0.08 0.08],'string',str)

I tried to get the list of the property of annH with set(annH) but I do not see anything as 'box','off' or similar.

Best Solution

The pair property-value you are interested is:

annotation(..., 'EdgeColor','none')

You can use inspect(handle) to have an interactive GUI to play around with any object's properties.

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