Maven – Change output directory for apt-maven-plugin


I am using apt-maven-plugin to process some Beehive Netui annotations before building a war.

The output of the apt processing is a _pageflow directory which contains struts config files (xml text) and the like. The problem is that it is being output in whatever directory I run maven from, not in the ${}/classes directory which is what I want. I tried setting the outputDirectory and the resourceTargetPath properties, but neither changed this behavior.

Is there another parameter to set that I'm missing?

Here's my current plugin configuration.


Best Solution

Your problem really looks like MOJO-1478 (are you using a Mac)? Maybe have a look at the patch (and reopen the issue or create a new one).

PS: Don't you have to configure a factory? I don't get how the beehive-netui-compiler dependency is used here. Is the factory magically picked up from that dependency just because you specified it?

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