Meteor + Blaze – If else statement


Looking at this Using Blaze guide, it seems Blaze supports {{#if}} and {{else}} statements, but I have't seen examples of an if-else statement. Is this supported in Blaze? Or do I have to do an additional if block inside the else block, which can get ugly.

I tried {{else if}}, but that gave an error.

{{#if en}}{{text.en}}{{else if tc}}{{}}{{/if}}

Best Solution

Spacebars uses the same control flow structure as handlebars so the answer is the same as this one. In your case:

{{#if en}}
  {{#if tc}}

Side note - one of the nice things about jade is that it supports else if.

Sometimes a better alternative is to move the logic into a helper like this:

  textValue: function() {
    if (this.en) {
    } else if ( {
<template name="myTemplate">
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