Mongodb – Find document with array that contains a specific value


If I have this schema…

person = {
    name : String,
    favoriteFoods : Array

… where the favoriteFoods array is populated with strings. How can I find all persons that have "sushi" as their favorite food using mongoose?

I was hoping for something along the lines of:

PersonModel.find({ favoriteFoods : { $contains : "sushi" }, function(...) {...});

(I know that there is no $contains in mongodb, just explaining what I was expecting to find before knowing the solution)

Best Solution

As favouriteFoods is a simple array of strings, you can just query that field directly:

PersonModel.find({ favouriteFoods: "sushi" }, ...); // favouriteFoods contains "sushi"

But I'd also recommend making the string array explicit in your schema:

person = {
    name : String,
    favouriteFoods : [String]

The relevant documentation can be found here:

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