Ms-access – Add-ins not loading when opening MS Access 2007 a second time


I have some add-ins that are used with an MS Access 2007 .accdb application.
When I open the .accdb file –the first time– (after logging into the PC),
the add-ins initialize/load successfully. If I then close MS Access 2007, the
second (and subsequent) time(s) I open MS Access 2007, the add-ins do NOT

They will initialize/load, however, if the user clicks on the MS Office Button > Access
Options > Add-ins > "Manage: COM Add-ins" > [Go…] > [OK] (Or [Cancel])

  1. Is this a bug? Is this expected?
  2. Is there some way (with VBA code) to force the Add-ins to initialize/load?


Best Solution

I suspect this is some knid of permissions problem. Possibly the users don't have update/create/delete permissions to the folder in which the add-in is installed.

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