MSDN subscriptions on the cheap?


As a long time Microsoft developer, I find MSDN to be an invaluable resource.

However, when tinkering at home I am not able to play with the best latest technologies and the different offerings coming from Microsoft as I cannot justify paying such a hefty price for what is essentially a pastime.

The Express editions are great, but fall flat when trying to use the more advanced feature I am used to from the versions I use at work. I cannot get the latest betas and play with the new offerings, not legally, anyway.

Apart from getting an MVP, how would one go about getting an MSDN subscription for an acceptable price for a non-professional environment?

I am aware of the Empower program, but I thought it was geared towards getting commercial software to market. If this is not the case, it appears like the way for me to go. Thanks!

Best Solution

MSDN subscriptions are per user rather than per device so as long as you're the only person using them I think you should be free to use them at home. I'm not aware of any differentiation being applied to the workplace, unless of course your workplace itself lays down such a rule.


MSDN Subscriptions are licensed to individuals who may install the provided software without restriction. Software provided through MSDN Subscriptions is licensed for design, development, test and demonstration of your applications.

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