MSMQ works on TCP or UDP


i want to know that MSMQ (Microsoft Messaging Queue) works on TCP or UDP?? and on what ports?

Best Solution

This KB details which ports and protocols are used:;EN-US;178517

The following ports are used for Microsoft Message Queuing operations: TCP: 1801 RPC: 135, 2101*, 2103*, 2105* UDP: 3527, 1801 The following is new for Message Queuing 3.0:

While Message Queuing uses the same ports that are used in earlier versions of the product, Message Queuing also introduces TCP port 389. TCP port 389 has to be open for MQIS queries that are made directly against Active Directory. Additionally, Message Queuing 3.0 introduces HTTP Messaging that requires that the port that is specified for the Message Queuing virtual directory be open also.

This information is useful for interpreting the following: Netstat -a output A network trace Configuring a firewall