Mysql – Add default value to enum type field in schema builder


I'm using the following method to create a database column of type ENUM in schema builder:

$table->enum('status', array('new', 'active', 'disabled'));

I'd like to set it's default value to active.
I tried to do this:

$table->enum('status', array('new', 'active', 'disabled'))->default('active');

But as you can guess it doesn't set it's default value. I'm using a MySQL database if that's important.

Best Solution

From the MySQL manual:

If an ENUM column is declared to permit NULL, the NULL value is a legal value for the column, and the default value is NULL. If an ENUM column is declared NOT NULL, its default value is the first element of the list of permitted values.

I'm assuming this means you should set 'active' as the first value, remove the default() call, and possibly set NULL permittance manually.