Mysql – How to export data from SQL Server 2005 to MySQL


I've been banging my head against SQL Server 2005 trying to get a lot of data out. I've been given a database with nearly 300 tables in it and I need to turn this into a MySQL database. My first call was to use bcp but unfortunately it doesn't produce valid CSV – strings aren't encapsulated, so you can't deal with any row that has a string with a comma in it (or whatever you use as a delimiter) and I would still have to hand write all of the create table statements, as obviously CSV doesn't tell you anything about the data types.

What would be better is if there was some tool that could connect to both SQL Server and MySQL, then do a copy. You lose views, stored procedures, trigger, etc, but it isn't hard to copy a table that only uses base types from one DB to another… is it?

Does anybody know of such a tool? I don't mind how many assumptions it makes or what simplifications occur, as long as it supports integer, float, datetime and string. I have to do a lot of pruning, normalising, etc. anyway so I don't care about keeping keys, relationships or anything like that, but I need the initial set of data in fast!

Best Solution

The best way that I have found is the MySQL Migration Toolkit provided by MySQL. I have used it successfully for some large migration projects.