Mysql – How to get multiple counts with one SQL query


I am wondering how to write this query.

I know this actual syntax is bogus, but it will help you understand what I am wanting.
I need it in this format, because it is part of a much bigger query.

SELECT distributor_id, 
COUNT(*) WHERE level = 'exec', 
COUNT(*) WHERE level = 'personal'

I need this all returned in one query.

Also, it need to be in one row, so the following won't work:

'SELECT distributor_id, COUNT(*)
GROUP BY distributor_id'

Best Solution

You can use a CASE statement with an aggregate function. This is basically the same thing as a PIVOT function in some RDBMS:

SELECT distributor_id,
    count(*) AS total,
    sum(case when level = 'exec' then 1 else 0 end) AS ExecCount,
    sum(case when level = 'personal' then 1 else 0 end) AS PersonalCount
FROM yourtable
GROUP BY distributor_id