Mysql – How to know how many rows a Perl DBI query returns


I'm trying to basically do a search through the database with Perl to tell if there is an item with a certain ID. This search can return no rows, but it can also return one.

I have the following code:

my $th = $dbh->prepare(qq{SELECT bi_exim_id FROM bounce_info WHERE bi_exim_id = '$exid'});
if ($th->fetch()->[0] != $exid) {

Basically, this tries to see if the ID was returned and if it's not, continue with the script. But it is throwing a Null array reference error on the $th->fetch()->[0] thing.
How can i just simply check to see if it returned rows or now?

Best Solution

The DBD::mysql driver has a the rows() method that can return the count of the results:

$sth = $dbh->prepare( ... );
$rows = $sth->rows;

This is database-driver specific, so it might not work in other drivers, or it might work differently in other drivers.

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