Mysql – Maximum number of workable tables in SQL Server And MySQL


I know that in SQL Server, the maximum number of "objects" in a database is a little over 2 billion. Objects contains tables, views, stored procedures, indexes, among other things . I'm not at all worried about going beyond 2 billion objects. However, what I would like to know, is, does SQL Server suffer a performance hit from having a large number of tables. Does each table you add have a performance hit, or is there basically no difference (assuming constant amount of data). Does anybody have any experience working with databases with thousands of tables? I'm also wondering the same about MySQL.

Best Solution

No difference, assuming constant amount of data.

Probably a gain in practical terms because of things like reduced maintenance windows (smaller index rebuilds), ability to have read-only file groups etc.

Performance is determined by queries and indexes (at the most basic level): not number of objects