Mysql – Open source ER diagramming tool for thesql


I want to reverse engineer (import into diagram form) the database definition dump of a database I have, then since no foreign keys are defined in this particular database, I want to be able to manually create the table to table key mappings (using crow feet notation if possible).

I've taken a look at MySQL Workbench, and it gets me 85% of the way there.
The nice little relationship lines won't show up though, and the auto arrange is horrible. A quick search of google turns up several other options, so I can evaluate these on my own, but:

Can I get some feedback from you guys for which are your favorite tools to use for this scenario? Why do you like that(your) particular tool?

My intended purpose is to take a legacy database, and train jr. engineers on the organization of the DB. Visual aids are nifty. My fallback option is to recreate an ER diagram by hand. Not fun for 250+ tables.

Best Solution

You might check out DBDesigner ...

Now known as MySQL Workbench