MySql Query, Select greater than


I've got a table, called faq_questions with the following structure:

id int not_null auto_increment,
question varchar(255),
sort_order int

I'm attempting to build a query that given a sort order, selects the row with the next highest sort order.


id  question                sort_order
1   'This is question 1'    10
2   'This is question 2'    9
3   'This is another'       8
4   'This is another one'   5
5   'This is yet another'   4

Ok, so imagine I pass in 5 for my known sort order (id 4), I need it to return the row with id 3. Since there's no guarantee that sort_order will be contiguous I can't just select known_sort_order + 1.


Best Solution

It seems too simple, but it looks like what you need:

SELECT id,question FROM `questions` 
WHERE `sort_order` > sort_order_variable
ORDER BY sort_order ASC