Mysql – Repository Pattern without LINQ or other ORM


Does it makes sense to use the Repository pattern without the use of LINQ or some other ORM? I am writing an application in MONO and using MySQL, was thinking of using the repositoy pattern but not going to be able to deal with IQueryable. I was thinking of just exposing more methods on the repository to make it obvious that filtering was going to happen on the db side with the repository call. Any suggestions if that is a valid use of the design or any other design ideas instead?

Best Solution

Repository has nothing at all to do with IQueryable. What you are thinking of is the Rob Conory .net 3.5 take on the repository pattern, which is actually more of a data broker pattern.

A repository is responsible for returning objects, and deals with data access so that the rest of your application can remain ignorant of it.

You can see a very high level description on Martin Fowlers site