Mysql – SELECT INTO Multiple Variable in MySQL declaration


Is that possible to set two parameters value in single query in Stored Procedure Mysql?
I want , two different parameters as output , i don't want to con-cat it.

Declare v_first_name varchar(100);
Declare v_last_name Varchar(100);

SET p_email_id = 'some_email_id';

instead of this i want to laod result in single query   
Set v_first_name=(Select first_name From user_master Where email_id=p_email_id);
Set v_last_name=(Select last_name From user_master Where email_id=p_email_id);


if flag1=1 then 
Select 1 As 'Result',v_first_name As 'first_name',v_last_name As 'last_name';  
Select 0 As 'Result',v_first_name As 'first_name',v_last_name  As 'last_name';
End if;

Any help ?

select first_name INTO @v_first_name , last_name INTO @v_last_name From user_master Where email_id=p_email_id; ==== **Not Working**

Best Solution

Just list them out with commas after the INTO:

SELECT a, b, c
INTO v_a, v_b, v_C
FROM ...